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Themes on Transplant TV

This short series of ‘Let’s talk about…’  films aim to get people thinking and talking about living donor kidney transplantation.

Explained through the eyes of living donors, transplant recipients and healthcare professionals, the films are for patients, their families and the public to give a comprehensive view of what is involved for the donor, the benefits to the recipient and to help people decide if it is the right decision for them.

Living with a Transplant

Watch documentaries which feature stories from patients & professionals.

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Medical People

Documentaries and lectures featuring transplantation professionals.

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New Frontiers

Insight into the exciting developments happening in the world of transplantation.

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Organ Donation

The latest lectures, interviews and documentaries which concentrate on organ donation.

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Transplantation Science

Watch the latest programmes focusing on the extraordinary science involved in transplantation.

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We Recommend

We have selected a range of our favorite programmes for you to watch from the TTV archive.

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