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Lori West is a world leader in pediatric cardiac transplantation and transplant immunobiology, including crucial translation of basic concepts and findings from murine models to clinical application in organ transplantation. Her work resulted in a pioneering strategy for increasing donor availability for infants by crossing the ABO barrier, which has had a major global impact on infant heart transplantation.

Post Professor of Paediatrics, Surgery and Immunology
Institute University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Interests Dr. West, a renowned cardiac transplant expert, is known for her discovery that children younger than two will not reject a heart from a donor with a different blood type.

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Lori West is the Acting Scientific Director at the CIHR Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health. Responsible for groundbreaking research by cardiac transplant clinician-scientist Dr. Lori West has improved the practice of pediatric heart transplantation, particularly for infants.

Today, infants can safely and successfully accept heart transplants of a different blood type, also known as an ABO-incompatible heart transplant, thus reducing the organ donor crisis for infants worldwide and decreasing wait times for a donor heart and deaths of infants on waiting lists.

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