Lynn Holt

Lynne Holt was the first Clinical Transplant Coordinator in the UK, when she moved to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, 26 years ago, to co-ordinate the transplant programme for heart and lung transplantation in both children and adults.

Her role involves coordinating the whole transplant process from the first day a patient is referred, is assessed, joins the waiting list, to receiving offers of organs, organizing the theatre teams, and supporting the patients and their families throughout the whole transplant journey.

Post Clinical Transplant Coordinator
Institute Institute of Transplantation, Newcastle upon Tyne

+ The Co-ordinator


She first became involved in transplantation 33 years ago as sister in charge of Intensive Care at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. The first UK heart transplant programme had started at the hospital only months before her arrival, and she was responsible for caring for the newly transplanted patients.

“It was an exciting and challenging time to be involved in those early days of heart transplants,” she said. “I became very involved and soon realized I wanted to specialize in that field.”I count myself very lucky to have started working in the NHS in the mid 70′s” said Lynne. “It is so worthwhile to be part of the team, closely involved with patients and their families, facilitating major life and death decisions. Transplantation continues to be challenging and there are new developments all the time.”

Life as a transplant coordinator can be emotionally and physically draining and tears are shed, in sadness sometimes, but more often in joy.

I never cease to be amazed by the miracle of the Gift of Life

Lynn Holt

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